News from our Apiculture Organization

Update Spring 2014

Today, our apiculture center consists of three buildings: the production site, the classroom & administration building and housing for students & teachers. Over 100 beehives are already in place with more than a dozen Burkinabe working fulltime on site to foster our vision of a self-supporting village.

We thought about innovation …and decided to extend our product range. Until now, it consists of several honey flavours, mead and some other products. Therefore, we are currently examining ways to make better use of the wax (at least 20 tons annually!) by experimenting with creams, lotions and lipsticks. We hope to launch the new products in early 2015.

As the organization grows, it is crucial to keep revenues and costs transparent and allocate responsibility to the people on site. For our four locations (Koudougou, Ouagadougou, Bobo-Dioulasso, Mangodara) we therefore are on the way to set-up a basic Profit Center Accounting approach.