The Stern Stewart Institute pushes economic independence and self-help in Burkina Faso and West Africa. Projects are initiated and guided by the employees of Stern Stewart & Co. This includes extended assignments on-site and an active contribution to the advancements of each project.

NextGen University

To educate
a new generation
of leaders

New ideas are great. But few places need new ideas as desperately as Africa. Burkina Faso in West Africa leads the statistics only in challenges. There is no entrepreneurial culture in Burkina Faso. To create a striking impact we need to train entrepreneurs willing to lead the change. The Burkina Institute of Technology leaves behind the colonial heritage of the existing education system. With the support of the Technical University of Munich.


Educating women means educating a country. But schools are only built for children. We however do not want to wait. 90% of women in Burkina Faso are illiterate. But it is women that one can trust to make a change. We need to teach them to read and write and even simple math. And we do need scale. With almost 100 teachers and technology we train thousands of women every year.

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Lycée Schorge

The best middle and
high school

The Lycée Schorge de Koudougou is our dream. We have very high ambitions. We do not allow conventions to ever stand in our way. We want each and every girl and boy to succeed, to graduate, to be prepared, to make a change. We want a magic school. We cannot stop to work, to teach, to study and to help each other until we have surpassed our wildest dreams. The Lycée Schorge de Koudougou is a gift, an opportunity, a responsibility.

social entrepreneurship at its best

Empowering people to become self sufficient is key in developing countries. Farming in Sub Sahara Africa is really tough. Beekeeping has so many benefits. It is our most green project. It serves nature and provides additional income to 3,000 farmers. We produce 150 tons of high quality honey. And after fighting seven years with egoistic European policy, we now will start to export.

Women of Burkina Faso

One Woman One
Garden a revolution

Never underestimate the strength of women. No woman in Burkina has her own small vegetable garden. Nobody ever even thought about it. We gave a few women some seeds and a simple introduction to gardening. Word spread like a bush fire. And that it is incredibly hard work. The earth is hard like concrete and water is always far away. But there is a hidden source of pride and energy within women of Burkina Faso. Within weeks it became a project that covers the whole region.


Private investments is what Africa really needs. But not just to exploit resources. Creating jobs and developing the country further is what we want. 80% of Burkinabe live from agriculture. Thousands of tons of tomatoes are exported in the season. But processed tomato cans are reimported then from China. There is no factory in Burkina Faso. We have a business plan for processing 50 thousand tons of tomatoes.