Latest News from our School Project in Burkina Faso

During the last few weeks riots took place in Burkina Faso. The construction of the school building had to be stopped for some days. Thankfully the riots are over now and the situation calmed down.

But not even these riots could endanger our project. The 1st of October was the first school day for 80 girls and boys in three different classes. All in all there is capacity for 150 pupils. Especially the percentage of girls will be raised.

Due to many helping hands, it was possible to open the school just one year from the beginning of the construction.
The next huge milestone will be the finalization of the school building and its area in the next few weeks.

Latest news from our Apiculture Center

Reflecting on the successes we have achieved in the past year, we are proud to announce that in 2014 we have bought 90 tons of honey from roughly 1000 farmers, earning them €135,000 and giving them the opportunity to build a stable livelihood apart from subsistence agriculture.

In addition, we have sold 56 tons of honey, of which 8 tons were sold to foreign countries. Overall, we have sold 160,000 pots of honey.

We are excited about the achievements so far and are certain, that 2015 will be even more successful!

Latest news from our ACES program in Ghana

The new TSSI Career and Entrepreneurship Center was set-up successfully and will offer ACES students entrepreneurship classes, business and career consulting, entrepreneurial funding and support for business idea generation.

The daily activities of social workers in the Academy for Competence and Entrepreneurial Spirit (ACES) program are fraught with the unexpected. Relying on Ghana’s public transport can imply being on the road for over 6 hours to travel 200km. It can also mean being stranded in a remote area, and having to cross fingers for an empty taxi to pass by. The only constant variables in our social workers’ day are their positive attitude and tireless willingness to overcome whatever obstacle lies between them and providing the wellbeing of our 60 ACES beneficiaries. 








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